Sourland Alliance Home Page

The Sourland Alliance was formed in 2009 to bring together representatives from the municipalities (East Amwell Township, Hillsborough Township, Hopewell Township, Montgomery Township, West Amwell Township) that are part of the Sourland Mountain.  The Sourland Alliance hopes to bring municipal planning and regulatory agencies together to explore the variety of ways their efforts can be combined. These efforts include non regulatory and regulatory strategies and innovative planning opportunities to protect the Region’s resources and its residents.

The formation of the Sourland Alliance has been a joint effort of the host communities with input from the non-profit partners that have been instrumental in conservation and preservation efforts to date. Working through effective alliances, municipalities can better coordinate their efforts, combine their purchasing power for the broadest possible blanket of preservation, and benefit from each other’s experiences and work efforts.

Mission Statement

The Sourland Alliance, established by resolution in the Townships of East Amwell, Hillsborough, Hopewell, Montgomery and West Amwell, duly accepts its mission to protect the fragile resources and wildlife habitat of the Sourland Mountain Region. Through inter-municipal cooperation the Alliance seeks to promote regional, long-range environmental planning and regulation to ensure a sustainable future for the Region.

Vision Statement:

The Sourland Alliance envisions a place where a series of cooperative efforts by municipalities will produce increasing collaboration toward the protection of the Sourland Mountain Region and its myriad rare and threatened resources.

The stewardship goals for the Sourland Mountain will be reflected in a coherent land management ethic for the Region that is taught in local schools, shared by homeowners and businesses alike and aided by the coordinated actions of municipal and county governing entities.In late 2010, the Sourland Alliance released the Sourland Mountain Comprehensive Management Plan.
Link to the Executive Summary of the Sourland Mountain Comprehensive Management Plan. Executive Summary